Thursday, 24 November 2016

St Francis - School Athletics

On Wednesday morning after the athletics the students in St Francis wrote some interesting recounts of their experience. 

Smash! Mrs Pryor banged the blocks. I could hear footsteps going tap, tap, tap! I wondered if I was going to be in the finals and I was. I saw runners staying in the lines. I could feel sticky and pokey grass under my feet when I was running.
By Laura (Year 2)

Runners were sprinting past me like a pack of velociraptors. I felt the wind pushing me back like a yeti. I heard everyone cheering. I wondered which place I would come.
By Charlie   (Year 2)

Crack! I heard Mrs Pryor bang blocks together then I started to run towards the finish line. Rosabella was in the lead and Laura was coming second. We ran like wild wolves. I was so happy I felt like I was going to pop. I wondered if I was going to be in the finals.
By Sophia (Year 2)

Monday, 21 November 2016

St Dominic - School Fair

On Monday morning after the fair all the students in St Dominic's classroom were excitedly sharing their fair experiences with each other.
Here are some of the student's writing about their personal experience.

I paid my money and stuck my hand in the mysterious box. My hand scrabbled around as I saw brown parcels pass my hand. I pulled something out and ....pom-poms!. I was so annoyed that I gave them to Chiara.

Ghislaine -Year 3

Splash! I saw people getting dunked, I was excited. It was my brother's go, but no-one wanted to dunk him. So I came along. I had to dunk him, I had three chances. My first two throws did not hit the target, but my last chance hit the target and splash over my brother. I felt him and he was freezing cold.

Rosemary - Year 3

It was my last attempt. The bungy slide was majorly challenging. If I don't make this attempt, no drink for me. I pumped my arms with determination to get a run-up. I continued pumping my arms and soon had a bottle in sight and suddenly , all my hard work paid off. I reached for the soft drink and gotcha! I had it in my hands and I was getting pulled back. I had done it!

Eli - Year 3


Friday, 11 November 2016

St Dominic - Vegetable Garden

St Dominic has been planting "Little Pots" for the school vegetable gardens


Dark                                                   Fluffy pot
Crystal clear water
Soil absorbs water quickly
Sprinkle soil in the pot
the soil disc disintegrates
Sprinkle more soil
Label it

Tessa (Year 3)

Seedlings grow                        
Scooped up soil
Water flooding into mud
Seeds growing strong
Green stick veges
wonderful treats

Alex (Year 3)

Brown rough                                     Cardboard box filled                       
with mud and a
skinny white sheet with seeds
buried inside the sheet
after four days
It has

Jacob (Year 3)

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

St Clare's Non standard measurement

Over the last couple of weeks the children in St Clare's class have been investigating non-standard measurement, using their hands and arm spans to measure width and length using our feet to step out the distance.
Luke is tree measuring.
Orlando is using his hand to measure the tree.

Sienna and Ngaire are measuring a
tree together

St Clare's needed three children to measure this bigger tree.
Some trees took a lot of children.


The biggest tree of all took all
the children in St Clare's to measure it.

What great thinking to work out the
measurements using adding and subtracting.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

St Francis - All Saints Day

Today we celebrated All Saints Day. St Francis class have been writing acrostic poems about the qualities of saints.
St Clare

Saying sweet words to holy and kind people
Always helping others when they need help
If you are stuck they are there
Never giving up faith
Trying things that seem hard
Sweet, smiling

By Sophia - St Francis

St Francis

Sharing with others
Always helping the poor
Important because if someone needs help they will come
Never being selfish to anybody
Telling people to be kind to each other
Showing people how to respect God

By Dulcie - St Francis

St Joan of Arc

Smiling happily all day
Always helping people when they need help
Including people all the time
Never forgetting to pray to God
Telling people about God
Sweet to everyone

By Quentin - St Francis

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

St Patrick - Beach Clean Up Day

Straight away my partner Nicholas and I went down to the rocks. On our way we spotted some glass so Nick and I picked it up so people wouldn't step on it. At first I thought the beach looked great, but the more I searched the more I found dirty plastic rubbish. Finally we found all the rubbish possible. We showed great service!

Evan (Yr 4)- St Patrick's Class

Today I was very excited because it was the beach clean up, we were asked to bring our own gloves. One of my gloves were green and the other pink. When we got there we started picking up rubbish. We found polystyrene, lots and lots of plastic, mermaid tears, bottle caps, glass and lots of other bits and bobs. It was all quite revolting, but it was good to think we were helping sea life.

Elise  (Yr 4)- St Patrick's Class


We walked down to the beach in buddies with the parent help to do a big beach clean up. When we arrived the first thing we did was put on our gloves, so we didn't get our hands dirty.  Caoimhe and I found lots of polystyrene buried in the sand and a few pieces of cut up plastic. There was a lot of rubbish down there. After a while I went to look in the rock pools, there I found a bright purple jelly fish. There was glass and bottle tops, it was like a treasure hunt! Lots of the shells looked like rubbish so it was hard.

Clare (Yr 4)- St Patrick's Class

We had parent help, they were holding the rubbish bags. We saw disgusting rubbish that was gooey, it was revolting, but thank goodness we wore gloves. It was so gross in the sand, near the grass. That's where we found all the rubbish it was shocking.

Molly (Yr 4)- St Patrick's Class

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

St Clare's Clay birds

On Friday St Clare's classroom created these gorgeous clay birds.


Thursday, 25 August 2016

Solargen Cluster day.

Yesterday I had the privilege of taking five of our  Year 5 and 6 students to the cluster day held at Belmont Intermediate. The students worked in groups across a range of challenges to help develop their understanding of energy use.

Here are some photos and videos.
Watch our Youtube clips of the action from the day.  Honor
                                                                                    Freya, Jordan and Monty