Wednesday, 14 September 2016

St Patrick - Beach Clean Up Day

Straight away my partner Nicholas and I went down to the rocks. On our way we spotted some glass so Nick and I picked it up so people wouldn't step on it. At first I thought the beach looked great, but the more I searched the more I found dirty plastic rubbish. Finally we found all the rubbish possible. We showed great service!

Evan (Yr 4)- St Patrick's Class

Today I was very excited because it was the beach clean up, we were asked to bring our own gloves. One of my gloves were green and the other pink. When we got there we started picking up rubbish. We found polystyrene, lots and lots of plastic, mermaid tears, bottle caps, glass and lots of other bits and bobs. It was all quite revolting, but it was good to think we were helping sea life.

Elise  (Yr 4)- St Patrick's Class


We walked down to the beach in buddies with the parent help to do a big beach clean up. When we arrived the first thing we did was put on our gloves, so we didn't get our hands dirty.  Caoimhe and I found lots of polystyrene buried in the sand and a few pieces of cut up plastic. There was a lot of rubbish down there. After a while I went to look in the rock pools, there I found a bright purple jelly fish. There was glass and bottle tops, it was like a treasure hunt! Lots of the shells looked like rubbish so it was hard.

Clare (Yr 4)- St Patrick's Class

We had parent help, they were holding the rubbish bags. We saw disgusting rubbish that was gooey, it was revolting, but thank goodness we wore gloves. It was so gross in the sand, near the grass. That's where we found all the rubbish it was shocking.

Molly (Yr 4)- St Patrick's Class

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

St Clare's Clay birds

On Friday St Clare's classroom created these gorgeous clay birds.