Friday, 24 February 2017

Prayer Ketes for all our classes

We want our children to be able to share a special time to pray with their whanau. So Mrs Buchanan  (as the Director of Religious Study) has organised new prayer Ketes  for each class.

Melissa and Natasha helped their mum make the lovely new prayer bags for our school. We love them thank you girls. 

Mrs Buchanan filled our Prayer Bag with all these special things.

Lily and Aimee helped pack all our school Prayer Bags. They delivered them to all the classrooms. Thank you girls you were such a great help to Mrs Buchanan.

St Francis - Cicadas

In St Francis we have been learning about cicadas. We have been listening to their sound and collecting their shells. We also did some writing about what we observed.

Cicada shells are like flies but grippy and spiky. They are brown and gold too. Cicadas smell like banana peel.
By Luke

Cicadas have spiky legs. They are so spiky that when you touch them it feels like you have a thorn in your thumb. Cicadas have goldish brownish skin like a cookie that has just been cooked in the oven.
By Lily

Cicada shells have clippy claws. They are very scary and very hairy. Cicada shells have a bottom like a bee that glows in the dark. They are scaly and they are soft. 
By Juju

Cicadas are spiny. They smell like kidney beans. They are dry and they are snuggly. Once I saw one in my bed. I even saw some messing around on my hair. They look a bit like a raisin. Cicadas are happy little things.
By Aurelia


Thursday, 16 February 2017

Swimming Fun - St Clare's classroom.

Everley and Isabel were having lots of fun on their first day of school swimming. They were very brave and learned some exciting new skills.

Some of our students were demonstrating their skills to the teachers.


Monday, 13 February 2017

Welcome to Father Larry - St Patrick's class

The students in St Patrick's class were excited to welcome Father Larry as our new Parish Priest. The students wrote letters to Father Larry to let him know they were looking forward to meeting him.
Here are some of the letters.

Amelie Year 4
Eli Year 4

Rosina Year 4
Joseph Year 5

Friday, 10 February 2017

Class Treaty - St Dominic's Class

St Dominic's researched about the Treaty of Waitangi and created their own for the class. We will have a happy time at school following this Treaty.

St Leo's Writer's Award

Today at assembly our first Writer's Award was presented

Rail Trail
Dust swished in the air like bits of chocolate being smashed. Pins and needles were in my hands. We did a lot of biking that made me as tired as a snail. "It's the end", I could hear everyone shouting, "we did it!. My family was so proud of me and so was I!


St Dominic's Class

St Dominics Class

Yum, yum! St Dominic's read a story" Food fit for a king" and learned how to make jelly. It was delicious!