Monday, 20 March 2017

St Patrick's Classroom - Celebrating St Patrick

St Patrick's student have completed an inquiry into  St Patrick. As part of our school's St Patrick celebration we led the assembly and shared our information with the rest of the school. 



 Here are some of the interesting things we found out:

St Patrick actually wore blue vestments 

St Patrick was not Irish he                                     was in fact born in Scotland



He is also the Patron Saint of Nigeria

St Patrick taught the people of                               Ireland about God


St Patrick is the patron saint of the Auckland Diocese and we have a cathedral called St Patricks

St Patrick's real name was 
Maewyn Sueccat      

He lived for 76 years.

At the age of 16 St  Patrick got kidnapped by Irish raiders!

The shamrock symbolises the Holy Trinity - The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit


Chinese New Year

We are very fortunate this year to have an opportunity to learn Mandarin and find out more about the culture and traditions of China.
This week our teacher Ying talked to all the children about the Chinese New Year. The children were then asked to help re-enact the story.

Many years ago there lives a horrible beast called Nian. Nian went around the tall trees and through the long grass to get to a nearby village to eat up terrified villagers. He would stomp through the village eating anyone he saw. If someone even just took one small glance at him he would bound up to the terrified villagers and gobble them up. Everyone was terrified of Nian. Luckily a wise man came and told the terrified people that there was three things that Nian was afraid of, loud noises, slurping lava red and sparkly golden fire. SO the next time frightening Nian came for his dinner the children player with super colourful fireworks and the grown-ups dressed up a scary dragons and banged on drums.Anywhere Nian looked there was something very scary, so Nian  scuttled away and everyone cheered. So every year Chinese people celebrate the new year and Nian never came back to the frightening village ever again.
                                                                                                      Emily 7 yrs St Dominic


A long time ago there lived a fierce looking beast. Every New Year he came to the town and he ate everything. The beat was call Nian. One day a wise man came to the town and told the people what the beast was scared of. There were three things, fire, red and loud noises. So... the people played the drums and did the dragon dance and kids played with the fire crackers and the parents gave the kids lucky money in red envelopes so Nian wouldn't eat them. And Nian never came back!                                                                                                                              
                                                                                                      Alice 7yrs St Dominic                                 






Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Preparing the Ashes

On Tuesday afternoon all the students participated in a liturgy to prepare the ashes for Ash Wednesday. Father Larry lead the liturgy. The children were engaged and loved all the explanations that Father gave as we joined in prayer.


I was a bit squished when we were in a line. What are we doing? A purple cloth got laid                                                                              on the table with the rosary beads and a                                                                                  pan  with palms in it
                                                                           Jessie - St Dominic

I saw flames and smoke drifting away in the breeze. I smelt fresh air mixed with smoke. I felt quite excited to have a new Father
By Kate  - St Francis


I saw people chatting and I saw Father Larry waiting to burn the ashes. I heard nothing but hearts beating. I smelt air and hot, hot smoke. 
By Juju  - St Francis

Yesterday Father Larry blessed the palms.
Jacob - St Clare
Finally the day was here. I saw black ferns burning in the 
pot. The flames were orangey yellow like the sun. I heard 
cameras clicking like clicking fingers. I felt so, so frizzly.
By Marita  - St Francis

My eyes were glued to the burning palms, I could smell the strong smoke. The noise of the sizzling frying pan filled my ears.
Quentin -St Dominic


Father Larry put the fire out and all the smoke went to heaven.
Artie - St Dominic


I felt God's presence flow through me.
Quentin - St Dominic

I felt holy when Father Larry splashed water in all directions.
                                                                           Christian- St Dominic

St Dominic's -Celebrating Sea Week

Wow! Mrs Pryor downloaded an app and the library book came alive. St Dominic's loves learning about Healthy Seas!