Friday, 21 April 2017

St Dominic's - Healthy Sea/ Healthy Me

As part of our inquiry this term - St Dominic's found out that mussels are filter feeders and we need them to keep our seas healthy. "Wow!!!


We also created this wonderful collage with the students from St Francis and St Clare. A great team effort that demonstrated our knowledge of what sea life we might find on and around our sea shores.

St Dominic's - Learning Mandarin

We used puppets in Mandarin to learn how to say hello and goodbye. We are getting better each week with our pronunciation.


St Francis - Our Taniwhas

The children in St Francis have been enjoying creating their own taniwha with Mrs Williams. In St Francis we have been writing descriptions about how the taniwha look and what their personalities are like.

My taniwha has blazing teeth and fiery wings. He is black and red and has teeth that never fall out. Danny

My taniwha has dragon wings and he has teeth that could crush the hardest thing in the world. Orlando

My taniwha is slimy and kind. Sienna

My taniwha is bad. He is bony too. People cannot defeat my taniwha because he is sharp. Luke


St Leo's Cricket Team

On a Sunny Monday, St Leo’s and Devonport Primary walked down to Stanley Park to do battle on a cricket pitch. St Leo’s batted first and made an excellent total of 173 in their 20 overs.  James made 44 and Sam made 34 with Ben and Nicholas both notching up double digits. Devonport then batted and were restricted due to some accurate bowling combined with a few catches and some great backing up behind the wickets. In their 20 overs Devonport replied with a total of 73. I’d like to thank the team for the support they gave to one  another and their fair playing attitude. Also a big thanks to Natasha’s Dad for transporting the gear down and his help preparing the team.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

St Catherine's - Report Writing

                                                Writing Animal Reports

When writing Animal Reports you need to make a plan. Divide your plan into Classification, Description, Time/Place, Dynamics and an Ending Comment. You need to locate appropriate information from books in the Library and information from the computer. Sometimes you need to check your information with two sources and make sure the information is up to date.
The first paragraph you need to classify the animal. What is it? Is it a Mammal, Bird, Reptile, Fish, Amphibian or an Arthropod. Then find out what scientific name it has. 
Louis and Caiomhe
Then you need to describe your animal. Describe it by how it looks i.e. legs, shape, hair/fur and by its colour. You need to describe its size, length and weight.
In Time and Place some animals have lived in the past and are now extinct like Dronormis Stirtoni. We know where this bird once lived because of its fossils.
Animals that are alive today you need to know what continent/country the animal lives in and what environment it lives in.
James and Claire
The Dynamics in a report is the second to last paragraph and the biggest. This paragraph is where you put all the facts about the animal i.e. their predators, how long they live for, can they fly, are they social animals, how many children do they have.  


The last paragraph is the Ending Comment. The ending comment is where you put down your feelings about the animal.