Thursday, 18 May 2017

St Clare's - M week

As part of our learning we look at a range of activities to incorporate and learn about the alphabet.
Last week we were focussing on the letter M. We made macaroni cheese.

As we read the recipe, we talked and made predictions about what the macaroni would be like when it was cooked. We tasted the raw macaroni and we noticed it was hard and crunchy.

While the macaroni was cooking the students all had turns helping to grate the cheese.


 When the macaroni was cooked we noticed that it had changed from hard and crunchy to soft, the size of the macaroni was bigger and it had changed from a dark yellow to a light yellow.

Everyone helped mix the flour and milk to make the sauce!


 I am making macaroni cheese in the microwave.  It was cheesey!
 Mikayla - 5 years old

 We mixed the flour and milk and cheese. Then  we ate the pasta!
 Sophie - 5 years old


It looked delicious and we couldn't wait to eat it. Yum!



Everyone was eating the pasta, 
but I ate the cheese instead of pasta,
because I didn't feel like it.
And I have never had it at
Jacob - 5 years

 We made macaroni cheese. First we washed our hands. Next we poured the macaroni in the bowl, then we poured water and we grated cheese. Did you know cheese is made from cow's milk?
Aurelia - 5 years old

I am making pasta with cheese and salt and pepper. We stirred it and we cooked it. We tried it and we ate it all up. I loved it! So I ate another bowl.
Isabel - 5 years old

We put pasta in the bowl in the staffroom and we put pasta in the microwave. I ate the macaroni. I like macaroni.
Julietta - 5 years old

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