Wednesday, 5 July 2017

St Catherine's Land Yacht - Reflection

Reflecting on my Land Yacht design  - By Abigail Goosen

What did I do
31 May
I had two designs. I changed it because the chassis was too heavy. My first one was built from the blinds. My second one had a cardboard chassis with kebab sticks as the axle. I used milk bottles for the wheels.
Thoughts /problems/changes
Today I'm going to use thicker cardboard, make new wheels that are very straight 4x, do the sides with blinds, maybe make it smaller.
I learnt that smaller, lighter, and stronger is better and to try different things.

What did I do
6 June
Last time I stuck on the wheels to the chassis with chrome tape. I found a piece of black styrofoam for the front of the chassis to make it aerodynamic.
Thoughts /problems/changes
The chrome tape doesn't stick very well. I'm going to glue it. I'll stick the styrofoam down and work in making it fast.

What did I do
14 June
I stuck some polystyrene in a bottle top then made a hole in the bottle top and stuck it down. At home I made two sails but they're too big.

Thoughts /problems/changes
Today I'm going to choose what type of sail to do and maybe start it. I'm going to put the sail in the bottle top, glue it down and attach the string chassis.
What did I do
20 June
I stuck some dowling into the bottle top and glued then lashed two kebab sticks on it. Then I cut a sail out of a plastic bag, the right size and tried to attach it to the mast looping string around the kebab stick, but it didn't work. So I took it off and made a new sail.
Thoughts /problems/changes
Today I'm going to attach the sail to the mast with glue and string.

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